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Modern bathroom full of new hansgrohe products.

The latest products from hansgrohe: Holistic product solutions from a single source

At hansgrohe, we do not only think in terms of individual product solutions for wonderful water experiences. Instead, we create holistic, sustainable solutions that bring your customers’ bathroom dreams to life. Discover our select compositions of wash basins, furniture, faucets, and showers, as well as matching mirrors, toilets, and accessories here.

Creating the dream wash place with ease

The wash place is so much more than just a pit stop for washing hands or cleaning teeth. It is a place of regeneration and renewal. With hansgrohe, each element of the wash place can be individually configured. The product solutions are part of a holistic design system: Wash basins can be coordinated with toilets, and furniture with mirrors, to create harmonious feel-good places that are functional, beautiful, and sustainable. After all, conserving resources comes pretty naturally to us here.

Xanuia Q: Developed to simplify routines

We all want effective routines that make the everyday feel effortless. Xanuia Q wash basins combine comfort and functionality with style and simplicity for the optimum interaction at the wash place. With the characteristic SoftCube shape (Q), this budget-friendly range adds a beautiful touch to all bathrooms. Also highly suitable for business projects.

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Couple jokes around in front of a Xanuia Q wash basin.

Xarita Lite S and Q: The mirror as the daily mood-booster

The Xarita Lite mirror range presents your customers’ wellbeing in the proper light, as their bathroom routine is bathed in beautiful lighting. The high-quality sustainable products are available in Round (S) and SoftCube (Q), with a Matte Black or Matte White frame. The mirror design blends in harmoniously with the hansgrohe wash place, and even the attractive price will put customers in good spirits!

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Check out our Xarita E and S mirror range, which creates a holistic bathroom setting with the hansgrohe wash place products from the Xelu Q and Xevolos E ranges.

Happy couple in front of the Xarita Lite Q mirror with lighting.

More fun, sensuality, and sustainability in the shower

hansgrohe is often seen as being synonymous with showering. The premium brand simply brings more joy and variety to bathroom routines the world over. Because our shower world is sensational, the shower controls intuitive, and the variety of spray modes impressive. hansgrohe is up there with the best in terms of excellent showering pleasure with low water consumption. We are all about consumer-friendly resource conservation that does good for the climate, for the bank account, and for a smaller ecological footprint. Also perfect for hotel operators.

Hello future! The new iBox universal 2

Faster, more flexible, more intelligent: With the iBox universal 2 and the new pre-fab sets from hansgrohe, installation is twice as fast than it was with the previous model. The new concealed installation base set combines the proven advantages with lots of top-quality features and additional benefits. That way, you can do your job in a flash and as precisely as possible.

more about iBox universal 2
New from hansgrohe: iBox universal 2 concealed base set.

Ecostat Fine and Element thermostats: Enjoy the moment. One turn is all it takes

Also new in exposed installation: Ecostat Fine and Ecostat Element thermostats instantly provide more wellbeing and safety in the shower. The budget-friendly ranges also support a sustainable lifestyle with water- and energy-saving functions. Ecostat is intuitive to use and available in two versions: Ecostat Fine features a clear, puristic design with a graphite gray nub. Ecostat Element is the timelessly elegant water regulator with an all-metal finish to match all hansgrohe product ranges.

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Woman adjust the shower using the hansgrohe Ecostat Fine thermostat.

RainDrain drains: Perfection in form and function

RainDrain shower channels are the perfect drainage solution for any bathroom project with a floor-level shower. hansgrohe offers a wide range of products, lengths, and colorful finishes to express your customer’s taste, right down to the last detail. The shower therefore becomes a zone with a holistic design where everything appears seamless.

mehr zu RainDrain Duschrinnen
RainDrain shower channels by hansgrohe – new shapes and colors.

hansgrohe toilets: Appealing designs and efficient features

The toilet is an essential component for designing a feel-good oasis. hansgrohe toilets are rimless, comfortable, and hygienic. A range of innovative technologies turns them into economical, dirt-repellent, and cleaning-friendly quality products. Their universal shape helps them to blend in stylishly in any dream bathroom. Whether in a Round (S) or SoftCube (Q) design, your customers and project planners will find the perfect companion in hansgrohe toilets.

EluPura Original S and Q: A beautiful safe haven

The minimalist shape of these toilets enhances any bathroom. We supply EluPura Original in two timeless design styles: Round (S) and SoftCube (Q). They are coordinated to the hansgrohe portfolio and blend in harmoniously with the overall ambiance. With EluPura Original, you can present a trustworthy solution, as the range combines beauty, powerful performance, and water efficiency – all at an attractive price.

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More products for the toilet place: EluPura toilets in the Round or SoftCube design harmoniously complement the overall bathroom design with the wash place range from the Xelu Q and Xevolos E ranges. 

Pregnant woman sits on the EluPura Original Q toilet. 

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