Pulsify Planet Edition

Pure showering delight. Pure conscience.

Our planet is what unites us

You are sure to start your day in the shower, to get off to an energetic start. In doing so, you remember how important it is for the future of our planet to conserve water and act sustainably. But are you really ready to give up a nice, warm shower?

The good news: Planet Edition combines efficient showering pleasure, style and sustainability. A shower head that uses 60% less water than our conventional models, at under 6 l/min. At the same time it pampers with an outstanding showering experience and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Because the idea of sustainability is also about consuming more consciously. The Planet Edition by hansgrohe stands for this conscious consumption. The use of recycled and recyclable materials creates the opportunity to be part of the circular economy.

Woman showering with hansgrohe Pulsify Planet Edition overhead shower.
The Planet Edition is hansgrohe’s reinvention of the hand shower, transforming it into a chrome-free and sustainable part of everyday life.

When waste is no longer waste, it gives rise to something new

hansgrohe supports the principle of the circular economy

We recycle our production scrap at our plant in Offenburg, Germany. We use this recycled material for our Pulsify Planet Edition hand shower (28% recycled plastic) and WallStoris Planet Edition accessories (95% recycled plastic). Naturally, in compliance with all hansgrohe quality standards.

Circular economy and sustainability by hansgrohe

  • Recycled material is used in both the hand shower handle and WallStoris accessories, and forms the yarns of the Designflex shower hose.
  • Green showering pleasure. With Pulsify Edition Planet, your customers can experience efficient water and energy consumption, at less than 6 l/min, with EcoSmart+: a 60% savings compared to our conventional showers.
  • The warm, earthy Sand finish (recycled) conjures up a homey atmosphere in the bathroom and harmonizes well with existing chrome faucets.

Planet Edition through the entire shower

Planet Edition includes products from the Pulsify, WallStoris, and Designflex lines. All of these fit into existing bathrooms and show how environmental awareness and an attractive price-performance ratio can form perfect harmony.

Minimal water consumption, maximum showering experience.

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