Hand & overhead shower with wow factor

XXL Performance: an extra level of showering indulgence

You really need to have experienced this: Huge amounts of fun in the shower with oversized showers. Their luxurious design cocoons your customers in a dreamy haze of water for XXL Performance in the bathroom.

A full pampering program and design highlights for the bathroom

  • XXL showering with convenient hand and overhead showers featuring spray discs between 100 and 600 mm in diameter.
  • The showers with their luxurious designs create aesthetic highlights in modern bathrooms – and trends in major projects. Some overhead showers can even make the space look bigger than it is.
  • Soothing jet types disperse the water wonderfully across the whole body to pamper users from head to toe. With extremely delicate or air-enriched droplets, the shower feels like warm summer rain.
  • Astoundingly little water consumption, as evenly positioned jet openings ensure high water efficiency. Many XXL showers also come with EcoSmart technology for even more savings.