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EluPura toilets: Making the bathroom a more beautiful place

The toilet is an essential component in the design of the custom dream bathroom. Your customers want a toilet that blends seamlessly and stylishly into their ambiance. And that’s what EluPura toilets from hansgrohe do – thanks to their universal design. They are available in two design versions: Round and SoftCube.

Man sitting on EluPura toilet by hansgrohe.
New: hansgrohe toilets. Sanitation professionals can look forward to easy installation – thanks to the pre-assembled mounting system and the custom-cut sound insulation mat.

Toilet by hansgrohe: Two beautiful, easy-maintenance lines  

You can offer these two variants to your customers:

  1. Rimless EluPura toilet optionally in round or SoftCube design
  2. EluPura toilet with AquaHelix flush in Round design 

Rimless EluPura toilets – in two design variants

Thanks to their design, our rimless toilets are easy and efficient to clean. In addition, they have an optimized internal geometry that allows you to achieve excellent flushing results with only 4.5 liters of water per flush (suitable flush tank required). EluPura toilets are made of durable sanitation ceramics. On request, they can be supplied with a low-noise soft close and a quick-release lock for the seat and cover.

hansgrohe toilet EluPura Q in SoftCube design.
The rimless hansgrohe toilets are available in two design versions: round (EluPura S) and SoftCube (EluPura Q; pictured here).

EluPura toilets with AquaHelix Flush – convenient all around

The EluPura variant with AquaHelix Flush from hansgrohe can also achieve excellent flushing results with only 4.5 liters of water per flush (suitable flush tank required). This is thanks to the special water vortex technology and the optimized interior geometry of the toilet bowl. These innovative toilets are available in the rounded EluPura S design.

Two glazes to choose from:

  1. SmartClean is dirt-resistant and makes cleaning easier.
  2. HygieneEffect effectively prevents the spread of bacteria on the product.*
hansgrohe EluPura toilet with AquaHelix Flush technology.
AquaHelix Flush technology cleans the toilet’s inner bowl powerfully and efficiently – and can achieve outstanding flushing results with just 4.5 liters per flush (suitable flush tank required). 

EluPura toilets in detail

EluPura: Your advantages at a glance

  • Excellent sales opportunities thanks to a cohesive design image throughout the bathroom. Toilet, furniture, sink: everything matches together perfectly. 
  • Overall, this reduces complexity for you, but also for your customers, as all hansgrohe products can be delivered in the same truck and at the same time, wherever possible.
  • Simple installation thanks to custom-fit sound insulation mat. The pre-installed mounting system supplied also makes mounting easy.
  • The combination of coordinated products for the bathroom makes the choice easier for you and your customers: score one for your business.
  • With hansgrohe, you can be sure that all products meet high standards of quality, design, and sustainability. 

GP advantage:

  • All products from one source, service and coordination through HG network with distributors, safety (product quality and compatibility), specification support (HG GP consultants, BIM data, mood boards, etc.), internationally recognized brand.

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* Refers exclusively to the following bacteria: Escherichia coli ATCC8739 and Salmonella enterica ATCC 13076 (test performed according to ISO 22196: 2011-08).