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Get to know AXOR Citterio C
AXOR Citterio C Thermostatic module in the shower

AXOR Citterio C

Slender, elegant and exceptionally refined, AXOR Citterio C reinterprets the washbasin faucet for a new era, one that demands ever more comfort and individuality from ever smaller bathroom spaces. Minimalist in spirit, with soft contours and a sensuous form, the faucet invites the touch while intriguing the eye from every angle. Its signature detail, a fine chamfer encircling the outlet and lever handle, extends to all pieces in the collection. Distinctive yet understated, AXOR Citterio C is at home in any bathroom ambience.

Get to know AXOR ShowerSelect ID.
AXOR ShowerSelect ID - Precision meets personality

AXOR ShowerSelect ID

AXOR ShowerSelect ID brings unprecedented precision and personalization to the shower experience. Developed in collaboration with PHOENIX, the concealed thermostatic mixer extends just 45 mm from the wall, a feat made possible by the new AXOR iBox universal 2. Within these sleek confines, a central temperature control dial offers satisfying haptic and auditory feedback while surrounding paddles utilize the latest Select technology, allowing for quick, easy switching among spray types and outlets.

Get to know AXOR Citterio C
AXOR Citterio C Thermostatic module

AXOR iBox universal 2

Powering the sleek design of AXOR ShowerSelect ID is none other than the new AXOR iBox universal 2. A revolutionary basic set for concealed installation that’s even faster, smarter and more flexible than its celebrated predecessor, AXOR iBox universal 2 represents the future of concealed-installed AXOR products.


By its streamlined, modular design, this basic set enables unprecedentedly slimmer escutcheons while making increasingly complex, cutting-edge product arrangements both more powerful in function and easier to install than ever before. Simply put, the promise of AXOR iBox universal 2 lies in its name: one universal solution for a vast variety of concealed AXOR thermostats, to meet the exacting demands of both today’s and tomorrow’s bathrooms. The new AXOR iBox universal 2 can also be combined with all previous and future AXOR finish sets. Finish sets of existing collections only require an adapter plate for installation.

AXOR Magazine 2024
AXOR House in the Magazine 2024

AXOR Magazine 2024

In this issue, discover remarkable opportunities for individualization with two impressive new additions to the AXOR portfolio: AXOR Citterio C and AXOR ShowerSelect ID. Learn how renowned architect and designer Antonio Citterio developed two highly distinctive bathroom concepts exclusively for AXOR. And get inspired by three stunning new reference stories reflecting the stylistic diversity of the AXOR portfolio.

Get to know AXOR ShowerComposition.
A striking new universal design language in the shower area.

AXOR ShowerComposition

A shower is a very intimate space, and it must be flexible and adaptable to an individual’s needs. Designed by world-renowned creator Philippe Starck, AXOR ShowerComposition introduces a striking new universal design language, modern and timeless, to the shower area.

Get to know AXOR Drain.
AXOR Drain in Polished Black Chrome surface.

AXOR Drain

AXOR Drain elevates the shower drain to an object of design that completes the look of any AXOR bathroom. Available in the same rich range of AXOR FinishPlus colors and surfaces as the AXOR collections and programs, AXOR Drain makes an individual statement grounded in excellent function.

Get to know our AXOR Suite bathtub.
Get to know our AXOR Suite wash basins.

AXOR Suite Basins & Bathtub

Through elegant design and specially finished elements, AXOR Suite basins and bathtub, designed by world-renowned creator Philippe Starck, bring harmony and a personal touch to any bathroom interior.

Get to know everything about the new AXOR Matt White surface.
AXOR Universal Circular Accessories in Matt White.

AXOR One | AXOR Universal Circular Accessories in Matt White

The minimalist, elemental shapes of the highly successful AXOR One collection redefine familiar archetypes and bring timeless design into the bathroom. Our new Matt White color underlines this effect and expands the range of AXOR One’s custom surface finishes. Whether as a contribution to minimalist bathroom design or as an architectural highlight: Depending on the environment, AXOR One in Matt White, also complemented by the AXOR Universal Circular Accessories in matching colors, can either blend in subtly or stand out.

Get to know AXOR MyEdition.
AXOR MyEdition Assortment Extension.

AXOR MyEdition & Matt Black

AXOR MyEdition: A statement of personality. Monolithic, linear and straightforward in design, the faucet is crowned by an elegant plate made of choice material. This year, three new faucet models are expanding the AXOR MyEdition range. Even more individualization for AXOR MyEdition is introduced by the AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, which now also include the Matt Black finish. The entire AXOR MyEdition collection and the matching AXOR Universal Rectangular Accessories will be available in this especially expressive and modern color.

AXOR Magazine 2023.
Content AXOR Magazine 2023.

AXOR Magazine 2023

Discover bathroom concepts by world-renowned interior designers using our extraordinary new products as well as inspiring implementations in sophisticated projects -- and immerse yourself in the fascinating possibilities of expressive color design.