Quality and environmental standards

Product and building certificates provide reassurance and confirm quality

Water is a precious commodity and is subject to strict standards all over the world. At the same time, it is a scarce resource with environmental protection standards. AXOR and hansgrohe products are certified in accordance with numerous quality and safety standards. We showcase the most relevant product and building certificates here. Expertise our sanitation specialist partners can use to impress customers.

Impress with expertise: product and building certificates at a glance


Precious commodity and resource worth protecting: Products that come into contact with water or through which water flows are subject to strict quality and safety standards. This includes DVGW product certification from the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, which confirms that the materials that come into contact with drinking water are harmless from a hygienic perspective and do not impair the drinking water quality stipulated in the German Drinking Water Ordinance.

Energy-saving construction verified by building certificates such as the DGNB Seal from the German Sustainable Building Council or US Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is all about AXOR and hansgrohe products making a major contribution to complying with international water-saving standards.

Hansgrohe SE has confirmed that its products comply with these quality and safety standards worldwide though certification. These standards differ from country to country. Some are a legal requirement, some voluntary. The list is long. These product certificates often need to be submitted with tenders – after all, expertise is vital. So as a specialist partner in the sanitation trade, being in the know impresses planners, building contractors and architects in equal measure. A list of product certificates is available to download as a PDF.

Hansgrohe SE also has a list of international building certificates and water-saving requirements available to download. However, Hansgrohe SE does not accept any responsibility for the completeness of this list or consideration of the latest changes.

Contact our project consultants for further information. They are also the people to contact if further certificates are required. We can start the necessary process upon request

Example of a product or building certificate.
Water is a precious commodity and a resource worth protecting. AXOR and hansgrohe products are therefore certified in line with global quality and safety standards.