High-tech for unique bathrooms

PVD process for bright, shiny and robust surface finishes

Taps, showers and accessories refined using the PVD process gain an extra layer of metal in vacuum chambers. This finish is either shiny or brushed by hand to give it a unique texture. But no matter which of the many PVD surface finishes your customer chooses, they can expect extremely vibrant colour and excellent durability.

More colour in the bathroom: high-tech process for refining tap surface finishes

The AXOR and hansgrohe bathroom and kitchen tap surface finishes refined in the PVD process are very vibrant with excellent mechanical properties. The colour is created by adding an additional layer of metal made in vacuum chambers in the physical vapour deposition (PVD) process. Evaporating various process gas mixtures creates different light reflections on the surface finish.

Each of the numerous vibrant surface finishes is the result of intense product development and a synergy of high tech and hand made, as the brushed effect is created manually. This gives each tap a unique texture based on its design.

The result? Vibrant taps, shower heads, kitchen taps or accessories made to the strictest quality standards that fulfil the desire for more uniqueness in the bathroom and at the sink with radiant colour quality and a robust resistance to external factors.

The vacuum chamber used in the PVD process to create vibrant taps.
For more individuality and durability in the bathroom and kitchen: Vibrant taps refined in the PVD process are known for their robustness and extremely vibrant colour.

Benefits of the PVD surface finishes: quality, shine and long-term satisfaction with the product

They are touched, used and cleaned countless times throughout their life cycle: Taps and shower heads need to be made to last, as they are installed in the bathroom and kitchen – rooms that are renovated an average of once every 25 years. At the same time, they are the household products from which drinking water flows and under which people clean their bodies. They are also vital in ensuring people’s homes are hygienic.

The taps, showers and accessories from AXOR and hansgrohe are known for having the highest quality material, shape and functionality. The vibrant surface finishes make a huge contribution to this premium quality, which is produced in the PVD process. The bathroom and kitchen products, which make unique design dreams come true and satisfy the greatest design expectations, are refined with the following properties in the PVD process: 

  • Amazingly vibrant colours
  • High resistance to external factors such as scratches, cleaning products and the salt of the sea breeze
  • Made-to-last texture and colour of the surface finish
  • Nice look and feel
Tap with long-lasting PVD surface finish in a bronze colour.
One of the many PVD surface finishes for AXOR and hansgrohe bathroom and kitchen products: The tap in a bronze colour is known for its vibrant colour and robust surface finish.