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Four dream bathrooms, four stories

From a single source: Holistic product solutions for the bathroom

In collaboration with PHOENIX Design and architect Peter Ippolito – and his internationally renowned design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group – hansgrohe is setting new standards in bathrooms. In the following example ambiances, we’ll show the harmonious interplay of showers, faucets, furniture, ceramics, and mirrors. Get to know our new dream bathrooms here!

Bring your customers’ bathroom dreams to life!

For incomparable water experiences, we at hansgrohe no longer think in terms of individual product solutions; we transform individual elements into a holistic bathroom experience. These now include furniture, ceramics, and mirrors alongside inspiring ideas, faucets, showers, and accessories. This way, we can create a perfectly coordinated, interactive environment for your customers’ personal tastes. 

Rethinking the entire bathroom, rediscovering places of wellbeing 

Our dream bathrooms are based on the styles and needs of your customers, their family living situations, and spatial conditions. Every hansgrohe dream bathroom is unique and can be put together individually. Naturally, personal wishes in terms of design and comfort are taken into account.

hansgrohe bathroom with design faucets, furniture, ceramics, mirror.
What should the dream bathroom look like, what feelings should it evoke? With inspiring overall concepts, hansgrohe encourages customers to find their own personal answer.

Dream bathroom for everyone with children: Because family is the greatest adventure

Children playing in the environmentally hansgrohe family bathroom.
Life is full of surprises. Our family bathroom is a highly functional place, but it's also made for adventurous mornings and exciting evenings.

This colorful bathroom wants to be filled with life and inspires users to break out of the family routine. Natural materials are complemented by carefully considered bathroom furniture and meet beautifully designed ceramics. The wood components are proven to come from sustainable forestry. And the Pulsify S shower with PowderRain provides a sensuous showering experience, despite its low water consumption. The plant features underscore the environmentally conscious attitude, ensure a pleasant indoor climate, and inspire adventures. 

Welcome to wellbeing wonderland

The interplay of materials, colors, and handmade wall textures brings visual joy to this oasis of security. With slightly rounded faucets and ceramics, the organic shapes are echoed at various levels, creating the ideal backdrop for unforgettable family moments. The highlights are sophisticated bathroom furniture with generous storage options, intelligent subdivisions in all drawers, and a shower system with integrated shelf. This is how thoughtful design becomes an everyday hero that makes organizing family life easier.  

Dream bathroom for world explorers: Feels like vacation 365 days a year

hansgrohe world explorer bathroom full of personal souvenirs.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if going to the bathroom in the morning felt like a trip to some beautiful, faraway place? With the World Discoverer bathroom, this dream can come true. 

This elegant space combines design with personal attitude and sustainability with style. It was designed for people who care about their wellbeing and appreciate functionality. The result is a dream bathroom that emphasizes the love of contemporary design, clarity, and individuality, inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. Clean lines, striking contrasts, and a varied landscape of materials, colors, and pieces invite you to relax. 

How good the world can feel

The rectangular shape of the faucet and shower contrasts with the gentle curves of the sink and toilet. This interplay of shapes is echoed throughout the room, creating a natural comfort zone. Clever solutions such as the SoftClose technology for the bathroom furniture, the generous storage space in the cabinets or gentle PowderRain from the Pulsify E shower ensure pleasant, sensuous bathing experiences. Individual design pieces like cacti, benches, or baskets lend the room a personal touch and tell stories of travel, craftsmanship, and fascinating cultures. 

Dream bathroom for design fans: Gets hearts racing

Middle-aged couple in love, cuddling in the hansgrohe dream bathroom.
The high-quality dream bathroom in timeless aesthetics is the ideal environment for inspiration and heartbeat. It conveys a feeling of clarity, lightness, and openness. 

This dream bathroom is equipped with personal taste and wishes for the future. It’s designed without barriers and with enough freedom of movement, as well as minimalist design full of vivid memories. The emotional accents are set by picture frames, a hand-knotted carpet, or Ming vases. In the bright bathroom landscape, a variety of surfaces, shapes, and materials provide warmth and wellbeing. 

Inspiring clear frame for great feelings

The overall impression is elegant yet playful, minimalist yet cozy. The concept of framing and the linear shapes of the products define the space. Faucets, showers, and shelves in elegant brushed-bronze finish emphasize individuality. Thanks to thousands of micro-droplets, high-quality Rainfinity showers wrap the body and mind in a cloak of wellbeing. This is where stylish elegance meets maximum comfort – for unique water experiences. 

Dream bathroom for digital fans: Endless moments of wellbeing

hansgrohe dream bathroom with digitally controlled lighting moods.
A bathroom that’s been reduced to the essentials, made into a safe haven for dreams and fantasies. Or, depending on the mood, a series of different safe havens.

In these bathrooms, minimalist design meets maximum comfort and functionality – with positive effects on mental and physical balance, as hansgrohe's digital innovations open up new ways to refresh and relax. The smart living dream bathroom, including RainTunes, whisks you away to a sensuous world with unique light, sound, and water experiences. It is an ode to the clarity and timelessness of water. It was designed so that you can enjoy wellbeing in its purest form. 

Moments full of relaxation, immersion with all the senses

The smart wellness dream impresses with a white color scheme and multisensory shower experiences. The restrained color scheme provides a fantastic environment for light reflections and moods that adapt to personal preferences. Harmony and balance set the tone in this friendly oasis of wellbeing. Different surface textures, shapes, and contours also create exciting visual contrasts. 

Make custom dream bathrooms a reality with hansgrohe

  • Offer your customers perfectly coordinated, interactive bathroom solutions that can be adapted to their specific styles and needs.
  • With hansgrohe ExcellentFit, you can determine the perfect combination of faucet and sink. Our experts from the Technical Service Center have tested many of the possible combinations for functionality and made them available for you.
  • Everything from a single source: With our holistic, coordinated product solutions, we aim to make your everyday life easier. Be it consulting, product presentation, marketing, logistics, or installation.