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Eco-friendly faucets and showers

EcoSmart: Save water and energy

Climate protection starts with showering, ecological action with hand washing. AXOR and hansgrohe showers and faucets fitted with EcoSmart technology use up to 60 percent less water than commercial products. EcoSmart reduces water and energy costs and saves valuable resources, sure to please everyone: private individuals, hoteliers, sports facilities operators, and many more.

Sales success with water-saving products – Your arguments

  • Customers can save significant amounts of water because the flow rate in EcoSmart products is automatically limited. EcoSmart+ technology boosts the savings effect is even further.
  • Lower hot water demand = lower energy consumption to heat the water up. This means fewer CO2 emissions and lower energy costs.
  • Top service for sales talks: Calculate the savings volume for your customers thanks to EcoSmart – with the hansgrohe savings calculator. This calculator determines how quickly an investment in the bathroom can pay off.

Showers with EcoSmart technology – Facts and features

Daily water consumption from showers can be reduced by up to 60 percent with EcoSmart: thanks to a clever flow limiter, special jets, and the admixture of air. For example, many EcoSmart overhead and hand showers consume just 8 liters of water per minute, and some only 6 liters. No matter how high the water pressure, as a “precision O-ring” reacts flexibly to the water pressure and adjusts the water quantity.
EcoSmart showers save water.
“Precision O-ring” in EcoSmart hand shower: when the water pressure is high, it makes the opening smaller. If it’s low, it expands the opening.

EcoSmart lavatory faucets – Facts and functionality

EcoSmart technology reduces water consumption of all AXOR and hansgrohe lavatory faucets to around 5 liters per minute. EcoSmart+ products consume just 4 l/min at 3 bar. This equals a savings of up to 60 percent, and even more for some products. How does it work? With a special flow limiter, less water flows out of the faucet. The EcoSmart aerator is integrated into the faucet spout and enriches the water with air. The result is a rich, bubbling jet of water.
EcoSmart faucets save water.
Precision elastomer in the EcoSmart faucet reacts to varying water pressure by adjusting the diameter, constantly saving the tap water.

Private bathroom customers: Sustainability and comfort in balance

Your private customer is sure to appreciate a sustainable lifestyle, consuming fewer resources with a smaller carbon footprint. Show them how EcoSmart products support a balance of environmental responsibility and convenience when enjoying water. One nice side benefit for the bathroom owner: mindful consumption also makes things easier for the household budget. Using an 8.5-liter hand shower, for example, can save a family of four 47,320 liters of water - compared to a conventional shower that consumes 15 l/m. Provided this family heats with gas, this means an annual saving of 439 euros*. Calculate the potential water and energy savings with your customers using the hansgrohe water savings calculator.

Save water in the bathroom with hansgrohe EcoSmart.
The new hansgrohe Rebris faucet category uses innovative EcoSmart+ technology to limit water flow to max. 4 l/min. CoolStart technology also saves energy.

Project business: Low operating costs – fast amortization

In the project business especially, water and energy savings are crucial criteria for the equipment. In buildings with many bathrooms and restrooms (hotels, public facilities, etc.), the savings potential multiplies as soon as EcoSmart products are installed. The best part: No increased installation outlay. And when it comes to EcoSmart showers and faucets, planners and architects can draw on the full product range, as they can choose from numerous complete ranges for the shower and sink.

hansgrohe lavatory faucet in a hotel.
EcoSmart faucets in hotels: Because operating costs are reduced so much, investments often pay for themselves within a few months.

A selection of EcoSmart products for the AXOR and hansgrohe brands

*The example calculation is based on the assumption that the household members shower 5 min on average per day and that the water costs amount to €5.37/m³ and gas costs to 12 ct/kWh. The prices suggested here can be customized for the most accurate result. Further information in the water savings calculator on the end customer website.

Hansgrohe SE cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of the results; the calculation is dependent on many unforeseeable factors and therefore remains non-binding.