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What does the bathroom of the future look like, and what do our customers want to experience in this significant space tomorrow? As an architect, interior designer or bathroom expert who makes bathroom plans that last, you need to know all this today. So don't delay – order our whitepaper now. It is easy and free to do so.

Andreas Diefenbach and Matthias Oesterle from PHOENIX Design.

New hansgrohe whitepaper: The holistic bathroom experience  

What is a “holistic bathroom experience” and why is it so important for your work? Find out in an in-depth professional article written by two top PHOENIX designers. Read about the specific steps you can take to better plan, build and sell bathrooms in future. Bathrooms that not only work well but also have such a special aura that it leaves a lasting impression. With this valuable expertise, you can create atmospheric living spaces that will impress your customers for a long time to come, whether in household bathrooms or in business projects. 

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The hansgrohe whitepaper on holistic bathroom design.
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