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Smart wellness with hansgrohe

RainTunes: A shower experience like never before

RainTunes turns showering into an experience for all the senses – and the bathroom into an oasis of wellbeing. In an extraordinary spa atmosphere, you can revitalize or soothe your body and mind. RainTunes is smart and innovative, easy and intuitive to operate. The required technology does its job reliably in the background. And this is where you, as a sanitation professional, come into play.

RainTunes from hansgrohe: Showering with all the senses.
Just lean back and dive in: With RainTunes software and hardware, hansgrohe stages a completely new way to experience water. The shower is redesigned and rearranged.

A new way to experience time in the bathroom and immerse yourself with all your senses

RainTunes inspires with sensuous water experiences and enriches the lives of your customers every day. This wellness shower is controlled at the touch of a button – via RainButton or RainPad.

  • Depending on your mood, you can select a preconfigured scenario in the hansgrohe home app – and a unique atmosphere of water, light, and sound gets created in the bathroom. Each shower scenario was developed with sports, health, and wellness experts. “Good Morning” or “Nature” send your senses on a journey of discovery that refreshes, relaxes, or gives new energy.
  • Full flexibility in product selection: All hansgrohe showers are compatible with the smart RainTunes shower control, and can thus be made into a smart wellness shower. 
  • All control elements are available in attractive FinishPlus colors – matching our shower families and accessories. For individual design of this wellness oasis.

Wellness appointment without an appointment

RainTunes: The great advantages for sanitation professionals

  • Increase sales and make customers happy. With RainTunes, you can secure a competitive advantage by offering your clientèle a smart bathroom solution and giving them unparalleled showering experiences.
  • Intuitive installation. You will find self-explanatory, safe installation instructions with all RainTunes components. 
  • Offer flexible and individual solutions. With RainTunes, you have shower equipment on offer that perfectly matches your customers’ individual preferences and needs. They don't need a digital shower head; all analog hansgrohe showers are compatible.
  • Fantastic yet sustainable water experience. Your customers don't have to choose between wellness fun and eco-friendly consumption. RainTunes also works with water-efficient EcoSmart showers.

RainButton: Start, recover, and refresh at the touch of a button 

RainButtons control spray modes, water volume, and temperature. Your customers can communicate their wishes to the central water unit behind the wall via Bluetooth. In this way, hansgrohe has created a separation of control and faucet, where the operating elements are placed where you want them. The “Warm-Up” button can be placed outside the shower, next to the sink, or even in the bedroom. The shower scenarios are loaded directly onto the “Play” button from the smartphone. Each scenario can then be started, paused, or stopped in the shower at the touch of a button. 

RainButton can be combined with all hansgrohe showers

Your customers can combine the hand showers and overhead showers from all hansgrohe product families with the smart buttons. We offer RainButton in different FinishPlus surface finishes – matching showers with the same color finish. The control elements are battery-operated and can be glued or screwed in place.
RainButton comes in two variants:

  1. For one to three consumers, combined with all hansgrohe products 
  2. For three to five consumers, combined with Rainfinity Digital.
RainButton controls can be freely placed in the shower.
Shower control, completely detached: RainButtons are control buttons that can be positioned freely in the shower – or even outside the wet area.

RainPad: The flat control panel for the daily shower ritual

RainTunes can also be easily controlled via RainPad: With the permanently installed, central control panel, digital showering pleasure is no trouble at all. Your customers can load their desired shower scenario from the hansgrohe home app to the RainPad. Once they touch the “Play” symbol on the touch screen, the shower scenario begins. Temperature, water volume, and spray modes can be individually set and changed independently of the scenarios. The RainPad can likewise be combined with all hansgrohe showers.

The inclusion of light, video, and sound components from our partners ad notam, Sonos, and Philips Hue makes RainTunes an all-encompassing sensory experience. All components are integrated into the hansgrohe home app. 

RainPad shower control controls hansgrohe showers.
Everything at a glance: RainPad is an ultramodern shower control your customers can use to conveniently control their daily shower rituals – whether digitally or analog.