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The pleasure of multisensory wellness

RainTunes: Control sensuous shower scenarios via app

With RainTunes, hansgrohe presents an app-controlled application for making showering more sensuous and your customers more satisfied. Touch, sight, hearing, and smell:Our digital showering scenarios appeal to all the senses. The orchestrated programs get you in the mood for the day, let you refresh after a workout, or bring the evening to a meditative close. With new controls: RainButton and RainPad. 

A smart future: What makes RainTunes so advanced

RainTunes is a digital innovation focused on people -– and less on technology. hansgrohe calls this segment “Smart Living.” Smartphone and hansgrohe home app: that’s all your customers need to operate RainTunes and take multisensory showers.
  • RainTunes pampers with shower experiences that bring more relaxation and wellbeing into everyday life. 
  • With seven pre-configured scenarios such as “Good Morning,” “Relaxation,” or “Good Night,” showering becomes a kick of freshness, a wellness experience, or an aid for falling asleep.
  • Depending on the program, you can see image stagings on a video screen and hear sounds that harmonize with the respective water choreography. LED ambilights bathe the bathroom in atmospheric light. hansgrohe has developed scented essences for these scenarios: RainScent shower tabs provide additional olfactory pampering.
  • Numerous experts helped hansgrohe in the development of the scenarios: sports physicians and fitness coaches, natural health professionals, and physical therapists. 
RainTunes: Shower with app and smartphone.
RainTunes means orchestrated showering with all the senses. Water, video, sound, light, and scent combine to create a harmonious symphony.

RainButton: Control sensuous showers with mobile control knobs

In RainTunes, RainButtons control spray modes, water quantity, and temperature. Your customers can communicate their wishes to the central water unit behind the wall via Bluetooth. In this way, hansgrohe has created a separation of control and faucet, where the operating elements are placed where you want them. The “Warm-Up” button can be placed outside the shower, next to the sink, or even in the bedroom. Clicking the “Play” button loads the shower scenarios from the app directly into the shower. The RainButton system can be used with Rainfinity showers. 
RainButtons control digital hansgrohe showers.
Shower control completely detached: RainButtons are control buttons that can be positioned freely in the shower – or even outside the wet area.

RainPad: The flat control panel for the daily shower ritual

RainTunes can also be easily controlled via RainPad: With the permanently installed, central control panel, digital showering pleasure is no trouble at all. Your customers can send their desired shower scenario from the hansgrohe home app to the RainPad. Once they touch the “Play” symbol on the touch screen, the shower scenario begins. Temperature, water quantity, and spray modes can be set and changed at any time – even independently of the scenarios. The RainPad can be combined with all hansgrohe showers.

RainPad shower control controls hansgrohe showers.
Everything at a glance: RainPad is an ultramodern shower control your customers can use to conveniently control their daily shower rituals – whether digitally or analog.

New: Five RainScent worlds of fragrance for every showering mood

RainScent worlds of fragrance transform a simple shower into a sensuous experience. The scent of the hansgrohe shower tabs can help your customers escape from everyday stress, relax, or recharge their batteries. In your business, RainScent can be put to good use for sales promotion.

  • Complementary product for RainTunes. The five fragrance directions are coordinated to the shower scenarios: rosemary/citrus, lavender, pomegranate, bergamot, and Swiss pine.
  • A unique gift for your customers buying shower products
  • Attractive give-away for promotional events


Fragrant shower experiences with RainScent by hansgrohe.
hansgrohe RainScent – that fragrant something extra for a multisensory shower experience. Available in five worlds of fragrance, set to the RainTunes showering scenarios.

RainTunes: Presentation at the Hansgrohe Aqua Days

For the first time, in 2021, the hansgrohe brand will present all its innovations in virtual space. In the following Hansgrohe Aqua Days video, you can dive into the Smart Living world of RainTunes. See the fantastic future of showering.