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All about the Aqua Days

The Hansgrohe Aqua Days

With Aqua Days 2021, the Hangrohe Group presented all product innovations of the two brands AXOR and hansgrohe in a virtual setting for the first time. Enjoy the Aqua Days on-demand and let our novelties inspire you. You would like to learn more? Then why not discover our AXOR and Hansgrohe new products pages?

Discover AXOR innovations!
What’s new from AXOR

Discover our highlights for 2021, such as the design innovation AXOR One.

Discover hansgrohe highlights!
What’s new from hansgrohe

Experience our new product releases, such as the Pulsify shower range.

Insights from CEO Hans Juergen Kalmbach to kick-off the Hansgrohe Aqua Days

Welcome with Hans Juergen Kalmbach