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New minimalism at the sink

M54 kitchen faucets: Slender, diverse, and attractively priced

The broad range of the M54 category offers kitchen specialists lots of potential in consultation and sales. Whether your customers are looking for an ultra-slim faucet for their kitchen island, a convenient solution under the wall cabinet, or a striking design piece in front of the window: With the variety of M54 variants and features, consumers with high design and quality requirements can draw on the full range.

M54: Three basic shapes, large target group, good arguments

The hansgrohe M54 sink unit faucet is a modern eye-catcher in any installation – and its versatility makes it ideal for all kitchen concepts. What makes M54 so special?

  • The design language is uncompromisingly clean across the board and streamlined to the essentials, with maximum effect. It’s an inspiration for minimalists and everyone who wants to become one. 
  • M54 is available in different comfort heights and in three basic shapes: round spout, L-shape, and U-shape. 
  • Your customers can choose from four exclusive surface designs that incorporate or contrast with the style of their kitchen: Matte Black, Chrome, Stainless Steel Finish, or Brushed Black Chrome. Consistent: All components, including the shower hoses, are color-matched.
  • For variants with pull-out spout/spray, an sBox Kitchen is also available to order. For high flexibility and smooth work processes.
  • The attractive price level ensures a large target group.
  • In the Eco version, the faucet only consumes about 6 liters per minute at a pressure of three bar, while still being extremely convenient to use.
Round kitchen faucet with pull-out spray: M54 by hansgrohe.
Whether with round arch or in angular variant: the M54 brings sophisticated minimalism and high functionality to every kitchen concept.

Award-winning design

hansgrohe’s Talis M54 kitchen faucet won the German Design Award for its design.

The jury’s summary: “This elegant, high-quality kitchen faucet captivates with an extremely clean, minimalist design language that has been consistently reduced to three basic shapes. Combined with four surface finishes, it can be harmoniously integrated into practically any environment.” 

In addition to chrome and stainless steel finishes, the exclusive Matte Black and Brushed Black Chrome surfaces offer the most beautiful compliment for your kitchen – minimalism across the board.

The logo for the German Design Award
The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, that are pioneering in the German and international design landscape.

Design variant 1: M54 kitchen faucet with round spout

The M54 in elongated, round-arch design is perfect for the concept of open-plan kitchens that merge with the living space. Its slim, filigree silhouette comes into its own on a free-standing kitchen block or kitchen island. The faucet body, designed without visual interruptions, with a flat, vertically positioned handle and pull-out spray, has been given an exclusive finish in trendy Matte Black.

Round M54 kitchen faucet with ComfortZone 210.
Ideal for a prominent sink unit solution: The trend-conscious M54 faucet with round arched spout and ComfortZone level 210, has a raised, space-shaping silhouette.

Design variant 2: M54 kitchen faucet in L-shape

The M54 with L-shaped spout impresses with its linear aesthetics and ensures a comfortable, flexible water flow under wall cabinets. The adapted overall height, ergonomic operation, and horizontally extendable spout provide comfortable room to move – even in compact kitchens. The incrementally adjustable swivel stop can be adapted to the sink, preventing unintentional over-swiveling.
L-shaped M54 kitchen faucet with ComfortZone 270.
Spatial miracle under the kitchen wall cabinet: The L-shaped M54 faucet with ComfortZone 270 offers optimal radius of action. Pictured here in Brushed Black Chrome look.

Design variant 3: M54 kitchen faucet in U-shape

The M54 with U-shaped spout has an unmistakably angular design with high recognition value. Regardless of the installation situation – in front of the window, with or without a wall cabinet – its spout is highly versatile, variable, and protected against over-swiveling. This space-saving, ergonomic, and stylish faucet has a discreetly integrated spray insert for the laminar spray, a slim, towering lever handle, and is comfortable to use.

U-shaped M54 kitchen faucet with ComfortZone 220.
Flexible allrounder in any living or furnishing situation: The U-shaped M54 faucet with ComfortZone 220 is a minimalistic gem in any kitchen. Pictured here in Chrome.