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Bathroom taps with personal charm

AXOR MyEdition: personalised tap that sets the stage for creativity

Chrome or colour, metal or natural product, shiny or matt, block or bicolour

Achieve the aspiration of being unique with AXOR MyEdition. The tap collection’s clear, linear design with the taps’ solid body and separate plate on the spout sets the stage for individual creativity. There are almost unlimited customisation options here: The metal body and plate are available in the various AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes, from polished gold optic to brushed black chrome. Not only are they ultra-shiny as a result of the PVD process, they are also extremely resistant to scratches and cleaning products. Why not create exciting contrasts by combining two different colours or brushed and polished surfaces on the plate and body? With AXOR FinishPlus and the exclusive customisation services from AXOR Signature, there is a grand total of 255 options for expressing individual creativity.

AXOR MyEdition basin tap with dark marble plate.
AXOR MyEdition is the tap collection for the bathroom that offers almost unlimited customisation options and the option to express individual personalities.

A personality statement: The AXOR MyEdition bathroom collection with taps for the wash basin, bath tub and bidet. With its linear design, the tap sets the stage for countless personalisation options – with the free choice of block colour or a combination of surface finish colours. Along with elegant materials, such as wood, marble and leather, for the plate on the spout. 

New materials on the tap for a whole new look and feel

The plate provides a new dimension of customisation in the elegant materials of walnut veneer, Lasa marble, Nero Marquina marble, Nappa leather, mirrored glass or black glass. The plate options transform the tap into an item of furniture that blends into the space around it. The sensational surface finish textures of the natural material on the tap create a totally new look and feel, just like the PowderRain jet type with its silky soft droplets that flow flat from the tap.

AXOR MyEdition: a holistic experience. The ultimate mirror to personal lifestyle.

Design: Phoenix Design

Leather plate on the AXOR MyEdition tap.
Every plate is one of a kind, every natural material carefully selected. Like the plate made of premium European Nappa leather, designed for the tough conditions of tap use.

Emanates exclusivity: AXOR MyEdition taps in vibrant surface finishes

Numerous brushed or polished metallic shades transform the AXOR MyEdition bathroom tap into a statement of exclusive individuality. Polished red gold, brushed nickel, polished black chrome or brushed gold optic: Every single one of the special surface finishes is unique and extremely shiny, robust and hard-wearing, as it gains an extra layer of metal in the physical vapour deposition process. This makes it much tougher than any chrome surface finish.

Maximum customisation through the composition of two different colours. Or the option to pair a brushed with a polished version of the same AXOR FinishPlus surface finish. With vibrant surfaces, the tap becomes a luxurious part of the whole picture. Or an expression of an individual's idea of aesthetics.

AXOR MyEdition tap in various surface finishes.
The exclusive AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes give the tap its own unique character and set standards in terms of shine, robustness and durability.

Play with new materials and vibrant surface finishes

The bathroom: a room for resting and retreat. The place to just be yourself. With an interior design that reflects the resident’s personality. AXOR MyEdition becomes the stage for showcasing an individual’s lifestyle at the wash basin, bath tub or bidet. The flat plate on the tap is the decorative element here. A great opportunity to play with colours and materials. Available in leather, American walnut, white Lasa Covelano Vena Oro marble, black Nero Marquina marble, metal in a brushed bronze look, black glass or mirrored glass. Each material is an experience in itself – in terms of look, in terms of feel. Combined with one of numerous AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes for the body of the tap, it opens up a new dimension of customisation. A sign of luxury that goes far beyond the pure material value. That transforms the bathroom into what it should be today: an oasis of personal well-being.

Tap with various plates such as leather or marble.
Expressing personal lifestyles: AXOR MyEdition taps with their plate in marble, leather, wood, glass or metal offer an opportunity to play with materials and colour.

Unique support plate

A neutral support plate makes it possible to add your own chosen material to the AXOR MyEdition tap. With the help of the material expert, almost any material can be affixed to the plate. To transform a certain element, a particular mood or a piece of scenery with fond memories into a head-turner in the bathroom.
Example: the pictured slate plate with fossil.