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Pontos: The smart water management system

Water damage are troublesome for tenants and homeowners alike. They incur high repair costs and can ruin valuable possessions. This is where Pontos comes into play: The new allrounder for modern water management can prevent water damage from the outset. This digital “Smart Living” system ensures more safety and security at home – and peace of mind on the go.

Please note

Pontos products will no longer be included in the assortment after 2023.

Pontos products already installed with customers will continue to retain the full functions of the hansgrohe home app after the end of sales, even with future Android/iOS updates. Likewise, we will of course continue to offer the required spare parts.

Pontos: Systematic living quality and safety

Pontos warns your customers immediately via the hansgrohe home app when something isn’t “in the green zone” at home, sounding an acoustic signal on their smartphone as soon as it suspects a damage event or if self-defined limit values are exceeded. Now everyday life can be more relaxed.
Pontos water management, a Smart Living product.
The Pontos Smart Living system by hansgrohe consists of two components: Pontos Base and Pontos Scout, which can be easily and conveniently controlled via smartphone on the hansgrohe home app.

Component 1: Pontos Base

The Pontos Base checks pipelines for noticeable pressure loss and detects unwanted water consumption. Connected to the central water supply, it continuously monitors the house and, in the event of potential damage, automatically cuts off the water.

What sets Pontos Base apart:
  • Easy to install: The device can be mounted directly to the water pipeline without any additional wall supports.
  • Reliable and objectively tested: The Pontos Base is DVGW-tested.
  • Easy-to-read functions: The device display shows operating status and all relevant information at a glance. 
  • Valuable information: The Base measures water consumption and calculates statistics for sustainable use of the resource.
  • Good to know: Pontos Base determines the conductivity of the water, using it to indicate its hardness.
  • Smart and fast: Pontos Base can be controlled remotely via networked smartphone. All data can also be read by cell phone display via the hansgrohe home app.
  • SOS contact: The homeowner can store an emergency phone number for their specialist partner in the hansgrohe home app. That way, someone is always there
  • to help in the event of an emergency.
  • Doubly safe: In the event of a power outage, the device is doubly safeguarded via battery and emergency key. The battery lasts for approx. 24 hours. If there is still no power, the emergency key integrated in the product can be used to manually open or block the water pipeline at any time.

Component 2: Pontos Scout

Pontos Scouts are round humidity sensors that can be placed anywhere you want to prevent damage from water leakage, frost, humidity, or unusual temperatures. Room monitoring can be carried out in the bathroom, kitchen, or cellar, but also in living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s rooms.

What sets Pontos Scout apart:
  • Independence: The sensors function autonomously, like a smoke detector that sounds the alarm via light and audio signal, meaning a combination with Pontos Base or networking via smartphone is not mandatory.
  • Networking: If a Pontos Scout is networked with the hansgrohe home smartphone app, a push message is immediately sent to the smartphone in the event of damage caused by water leakage.
  • Valuable information on indoor environment quality: Pontos Scout regularly measures the humidity and temperature in the environment where it is placed. The app displays this information in statistic form. If the individually set limit values are exceeded or not reached, users will receive a push notification on their smartphone, allowing them to react.
  • Optimal safety in a trio: The system sensors are particularly effective when paired with the Pontos Base and the hansgrohe home app. Then, in the event of possible damage, the water pipeline can be closed immediately and a message sent to the networked smartphone at the same time.
  • Security for the entire home: From the basement to the attic, up to 32 Pontos Scouts can be used and connected to the app.

Pontos alarm?! Respond immediately while on the go

Wherever your customers are in the world: With hansgrohe Pontos, they’ll know immediately if there’s a problem with moisture, frost, or water leaks at home and can take immediate precautions while on the go. An alarm sound and push notification inform the owner via the hansgrohe home app. Especially helpful here: The homeowner can save an emergency number to notify their plumber directly of the incident via text message.

Conclusion: Pontos can preemptively counteract water damage and always ensure a great climate at home.