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Purist, flawless, mesmerising: luxury

AXOR overhead, hand, side showers and shower systems

Perfect in form and functionality: Whether it’s a hand shower or shower system, AXOR Showers will characterise your shower and be its ultimate design statement. They are designed with distinctive circular and linear shapes or as a total avantgarde reinterpretation of the shower. AXOR Showers feature one or more innovative jet types and are designed for ceiling or wall mounting. 

Showering in perfection

Whether a circle, a large rectangle or small square, on the ceiling or in the hand: AXOR showering products guarantee, in every shape and every model, a timeless design, perfect functionality and a spectacular experience of water. The luxurious AXOR Showers transform the shower area into a feel-good oasis and a place to appreciate the body and the water. Various jet types, such as PowderRain, are a testament to the innovative strength of our in-house spray research: The gently cocooning, soft yet powerful jet transforms countless micro-fine droplets into a cocoon of water that covers the body in a protective cloak. 

Large rectangular overhead shower with four jet types.
AXOR showering products – timeless luxury in every bathroom setting. Just like the AXOR ShowerHeaven, with dimensions and charisma that transform it into a new luxurious archetype in the shower.

AXOR showers: non plus ultra in the shower

With the square and circle as the defining shapes, the shower heads feature a purist design made for universal use and compatible with every luxurious shower design. The clean-cut geometric shapes with their flat surfaces are the element that shapes the style, from the spray disc to the ceiling or wall plate.

Made of premium metal – either shiny chrome or one of several refined AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes – they transform the showers into a veritable design piece in the shower area. 

Round overhead shower with full water jet and hand shower.
Modelling on the perfect circle for a perfect shower: The purist style transforms the AXOR showers into luxurious design pieces that work well in any shower setting.
With the new AXOR overhead showers, design and technology converge to create one innovative masterpiece.

Innovative inner workings for a purist outward appearance

The high-quality spray disc featured on AXOR Showers is made of metal; the jets vanish back inside the shower head after the water is switched off. This makes it very easy to clean, especially as the shower head can simply be removed via its bayonet connector and placed in a cleaning bath.

Large rectangular overhead shower with smooth metal plate.
Purist design: In the new AXOR showers, the jets disappear out of sight when the water is switched off. A technical principle that works using water pressure.

A highlight in every shape and every surface: AXOR overhead showers

The purist overhead showers in a round or square design are available for ceiling or wall mounting. With PowderRain, the fine, super-soft shower rain jet type, or the new Intense PowderRain, a powerful shower spray. In the 2jet model of the new AXOR overhead showers, the latter creates an exclusive spa feeling in your home shower. Ultra-elegant: AXOR showers in one of the exclusive AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes.

Large, square overhead shower in a special surface finish.
The AXOR overhead shower 240/240 1jet with shower arm: A purist look, with the exclusive feel emphasised by the AXOR FinishPlus special surface finish.

PowderRain – a water jet from soft to intense

Every jet type is an absolute highlight in itself, but together they transform the new AXOR overhead showers into the ultimate spa product and bring exclusive indulgent showering to the home bathroom. Take the PowderRain and Intense PowderRain jets as an example – a spectacular water design in two intensities that ensures well-being, relaxation and recovery.

The velvety soft PowderRain is like a cocoon of water. It envelops the body and soul in a silky rain with its countless ultra-fine droplets that cascade from the finest silicon jets. Thanks to in-depth research in our in-house sound lab, the blissfully soft water is ultra-quiet when released from the large overhead shower – with a flow rate of 16–20 litres per minute (at 3 bar). 

Three shower heads with various water jet types.
Highlights in water design: The PowderRain and Intense PowderRain jet types in the new AXOR overhead showers. Together they transform the shower into an exclusive spa in the home bathroom.

When strength meets softness: Intense PowderRain

With Intense PowderRain, strength and softness converge to become a soothing experience with water. Just like PowderRain, thousands of micro-fine water droplets cascade from the silicone nozzles. But they make contact with the body from a concentrated, limited area in the middle of the shower head. With a flow of 15-18 litres per minute (at 3 bar), this jet type may consume less, but that does not make it less effective at rinsing out shampoo or providing an energy boost after exercise.

Overhead shower with an intense water jet.
Energy boost under the AXOR overhead shower: Intense PowderRain is a powerful shower spray that cascades from a concentrated spot in the middle of the shower head.

AXOR ShowerHeaven: excellence, expertise and exclusivity

Numerous innovations make it a top technical product. The vast dimensions and the high-quality metal a luxurious design piece. And the minimalist style with maximum charisma a new archetype in the shower. The AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 / 300 4jet is a masterpiece in technology and design. A large stage for the water, which makes contact with the body in the form of three perfect jet types:

  • PowderRain, the velvety soft shower rain that makes contact with the body from both sides and shrouds it in a cocoon of water. The shower also features four adjustable wings that can be adapted to body shape and to keep hair dry if needed
  • Mono spray, the targeted jet that flows at high power from the centre of the overhead shower
  • The Rain jet type, a revitalising spray that surrounds the whole body
Very large overhead shower/rain shower with various water jets.
Powerful mono spray, revitalising rain spray or velvety soft shower rain: Everyone will find their own favourite jet under the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 / 300 4jet.

Bold performance, sophisticated appearance

Just like all luxury showers from AXOR, the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 / 300 is made of metal and can be adapted to suit individual requirements with AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes. The overhead shower can be fitted with indirect LED lighting in two colour temperatures for atmospheric lighting in the shower as an optional extra. It is installed using a concealed base set and two minimalist ceiling connectors. To help the AXOR ShowerHeaven reign supreme in every luxurious shower area with its floating look.

Linear shower installed on the ceiling.
Shower solution with many features and concealed installation: Despite its imposing size of 1200 x 300 millimetres, the AXOR ShowerHeaven looks like it’s floating under the ceiling.