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Sparkling, medium, or still and chilled

Aqittura M91 SodaSystem: Water tailored to every taste

Discover the exclusive Aqittura M91 SodaSystem kitchen faucet for undreamt-of wellbeing when enjoying water. This integrated system serves optimized soda water to suit the customer’s taste while also protecting the environment. Aqittura M91 SodaSystem combines impressive design and maximum functionality in the modern kitchen.

Uncompromising delight from the kitchen faucet

​​​​​​​Experience an unimagined source of holistic wellbeing. Aqittura M91 SodaSystem puts an end to compromising when it comes to drinking water, and strikes a balance between taste and balanced nutrition. Show your customers how our kitchen innovation supports a mindful lifestyle and contributes to health. The great design at the sink serves water just the way you like it, revitalizing or simply chilled and optionally optimized with valuable minerals. Whatever your daily routine at home, with Aqittura M91 SodaSystem, you are in the flow every day.
Aqittura M91 SodaSystem in Matte Black.
hansgrohe kitchen innovation with impressive functionality: water for every taste, filtered and mineralized, cooled and digitally networked for even more convenience.

SodaBase – The heart of the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem

​​​​​​​The SodaBase represents the sophisticated functionality of the system. The centerpiece integrates the carbonation cartridge on the one hand, and the desired cartridge for filtration and refinement, the intermediate storage for treated water, and the cooling unit on the other. 

The SodaBase at a glance:
  • Installation: Problem-free in the sink base cabinet or nearby. The SodaBase is connected to a socket.
  • Connection: Universal thread for commercially available CO² cylinders. A hansgrohe connection is provided for the filter/mineralization cartridge. Very easy to replace.
  • Operation: SodaBase provides two liters of chilled and one liter of sparkling chilled water at once, plus unlimited still water. Within 10 minutes, the water in the reservoir is cooled to the desired temperature (4–12 degrees Celsius).
  • Maintenance: In the event of a leak, a water inflow sensor cuts off the water supply and notifies the owner via hansgrohe home app and with LED display. The system has an automatic hygiene rinse that can also be triggered manually.
SodaBase with cartridges in the kitchen base cabinet.
Convenient replacement of the CO2 cylinder. The integrated universal thread for the flask can be pivoted and makes loosening or screwing in very easy.

Daily plus for a healthy balance: Minerals and water filters

Convince your customers of the revitalizing effect of the high-quality minerals in carbonated water with the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem. Available to choose from, completely fitting personal needs and circumstances:
  • Mineralization in the Harmony, Life, or Sport types, with magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc. for an invigorating and supportive effect. Activated carbon filter integrated.
  • Pure activated carbon filter, optionally with ion exchange to protect against limescale formation. Depends on the hardness of the water.

The filter cartridges are available exclusively from hansgrohe partners. The hansgrohe home app will provide supply sources.
Family kitchen with Aqittura M91 SodaSystem.
Aqittura M91 SodaSystem always delivers the optimal drinking pleasure, for example: treated water for a reinvigorating break in the home office.

hansgrohe home app makes Aqittura M91 SodaSystem smart

Your customers almost certainly use smartphones and apps. Inspire them with the digital facets of an Aqittura M91 SodaSystem. The hansgrohe home app combines smart operation and an overview of the system.
  • Easy operation from anywhere. Vacation Mode can be activated in the event of a longer absence.
  • Fill level. The hansgrohe home app displays the respective charge status and provides information before the cartridges need to be replaced. Notifications will also be sent in the event of a malfunction.
  • Convenient further purchasing. The hansgrohe home app includes an integrated store finder and purchase options.
  • Learn more. The app includes operating instructions.
Woman operating the hansgrohe home app on her smartphone.
With the hansgrohe home app, customers can enjoy all the benefits of the Aqittura M91 SodaSystem while on the go: an overview and control of the functions, and a convenient way to order more filters.

Product range for every lifestyle: Two design variants, three surface finishes

hansgrohe kitchen faucet in use at the sink.
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