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Architectural bathroom gem: AXOR Edge

Cubist tap design, shiny surfaces, elegant textures

The elegant AXOR Edge bathroom collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is a masterpiece for the bathroom. With the cube as the defining design element, the tap becomes an architectural sculpture at the wash basin, in the shower or on the bath tub. Shiny with ultra-precision surfaces and edges made using diamond tools. Extravagant with subtle, three-dimensional textures. Pure exclusivity.

Breaks through barriers in design, precision and charisma

When diamonds are used in a manufacturing process, the focus is on ultimate precision, the subtlest of details and the finest materials. Just like with AXOR Edge: Here the taps in the bathroom collection are transformed into veritable gems as they are diamond cut. The elaborate manufacturing process, which originated in the optics and aerospace industries and has been adapted to the strict requirements of AXOR tap production, creates the perfect edges and surface finishes for AXOR Edge. They reflect the light like a mirror. Shimmer and shine. Elsewhere on the body and handle, the diamond cut technique is used to mill subtle, refined textures. Three-dimensional finishes that create exciting contrasts

Taps from the AXOR Edge bathroom collection in a geometric design.
Elaborately made, avantgarde design, perfect result: AXOR Edge taps are extravagant architectural gems in the bathroom.

Cubism at the wash basin, in the shower or on the bath tub

This effect is emphasised through AXOR Edge’s geometric shape. Designer Jean-Marie Massaud has reinterpreted the cube for the collection. As the defining design element, he transforms the tap into a sculpture using the favourite object of the early 20th century Avantgarde movement. Thus bringing the Cubism art movement to the bathroom and architectural masterpieces to the wash basin, bath tub and shower.

Linear tap at the wash basin in chrome.
Reinterpreting the cube for taps at the wash basin, in the shower and on the bath tub: Jean-Marie Massaud, French designer and the creative mind behind AXOR Edge.

Consistently distinctive, consistently functional

The AXOR Edge exposed thermostatic mixer is a perfect example of the consistent adoption of the collection’s design philosophy: to create works of art rather than taps. Its bold shapes and shiny surface finishes sum up the uniqueness of AXOR Edge. The collection embodies the world of total refinement and stirs emotions through the element of surprise. The same goes for the AXOR Edge exposed thermostatic mixer: The impressive rotary handles are designed to replicate the iconic knobs on a premium sound system. They can be used to control the water volume and temperature with ease. The oversized Select push buttons for switching between the showers and jet types are intuitive to use.

AXOR Edge exposed thermostatic mixer with control knob and Select push buttons.
The AXOR Edge exposed thermostatic mixer epitomises the symmetry of surfaces and edges, combines shine and texture and represents perfect quality and long-lasting functionality.
How can we redefine luxury in the bathroom? This question was asked at the start of the development process that resulted in AXOR Edge. And it is answered in this video on the designer collection.

How the masterpiece for the bathroom was created

At the start of every big development, there’s a big idea. With AXOR Edge, it was Jean-Marie Massaud’s dream to create a gem for the bathroom. A tap that embodies the notion of complete refinement and uniqueness. With a surface that shines like no other, that transforms it into a masterpiece and makes its sculptural design even more expressive.

Three-hole tap in a gold surface finish at the marble wash basin.
From a dream to the perfect tap: AXOR Edge epitomises the vision of designer Jean-Marie Massaud to create a gem for the bathroom.

Positioned for perfection from the very start

Following extensive research, the AXOR product developers, designers and technical experts translated a process using diamond tools for the optics and aerospace industries into one suitable for making taps. With AXOR Edge, a diamond mills the edges at a perfect 45-degree angle to create shiny bevels that join up in exactly the right places.

Both the shiny surface finish and the various textures are made using the diamond-cut process. For three-dimensional refinement, a line will be milled up to five times to make it look like a diamond cut.

The totally flat surface finish is created in a processing step – in machines with six aerators that balance out any motion to make them highly sturdy and vibration-free. In light of all this, the entire manufacturing process to create these high-precision surface finishes takes twice as long as the conventional cut and polish process.

AXOR Edge manufacturing process with diamond tool.
To create the three-dimensional textures, a line is milled up to five times to make it look like a diamond cut. The 45° bevel is also milled with a diamond to create a high-gloss finish.